Student Leader Communication Group
To provide a forum for communication and information exchange between the administration of the University and the leaders of major student organizations.
Student Organization Funding Assistance Board
Student Organization Funding Assistance Board (SOFAB) is a Division of Student Affairs committee charged with facilitating an application process to grant funds for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). This special funding supports the events and activities of RSOs who have an impact on the campus community and/or represent Texas A&M at regional and national levels.
Student Rules and Regulations Committee
It is the function of this committee to review & recommend changes in the Texas A&M University Student Rules and to supervise the publication of such regulations. The Rules and Regulations Committee shall communicate in writing, through its chair, its recommendations to the Faculty Senate, by way of the Executive Committee.
Task Force on Campus Emergencies
The Task Force on Campus Emergencies is charged with providing guidance and advising the Office of Safety & Security on mitigating, planning, responding, and recovering from emergencies affecting the campus community. Task Force members are also responsible for disseminating emergency preparedness information to the constituents that they represent.
Transportation Services Advisory Committee
Created in 2006 by President Robert Gates to address the impact of construction on transportation-related matters.

Mission: To provide input and advice concerning policy and procedure to the Associate Vice President of Transportation Services and to assist in the development of a plan that will ensure parking and transportation issues are addressed creatively, timely, fairly and transparently, and are regularly communicated to the campus community.
Undergraduate Academic Appeals Panel
Enables students to appeal grade or suspension cases in which they feel that arbitrariness, capriciousness, or prejudice influenced their grade or suspension. The Panel will grant a hearing and send its recommendations to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies. For more information, students should consult
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee shall review all proposed courses, changes, and programs at the undergraduate level and shall recommend appropriate policy to improve and develop the undergraduate academic programs.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee shall communicate in writing, through its secretary, its recommendations to the Faculty Senate, by way of the Executive Committee.
University Disciplinary Appeals Panel
Serves as the final appeal authority for disciplinary decisions adjudicated through the Student Conduct System in which a student has been placed on deferred suspension, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion.
University Libraries Student Advisory Committee
It is the function of this committee to gather feedback from students regarding the Texas A&M University Libraries.
University Staff Council
The council will provide a voice and integrate staff perspective by:
1. Acting as a conduit for two-way communication between staff and administration.
2. Engaging staff and bringing their interests before the administration.
3. Identifying university issues and their impact on staff.
4. Exploring and researching possible solutions.
5. Providing options and recommendations to the President.
6. Interacting with other councils.

The University Staff Council will not act in an advocacy role in any specific employee/employer policy matter or dispute within the University, nor will it assume the role of arbitrator in any such matter. Employees are encouraged to work directly with their supervisor or management personnel, or their appropriate Human Resources office, if issues are specific to their personal situation. Employees submitting inquiries to this website should be aware that an inquiry will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the University Staff Council for response.