Memorial Student Center Board of Directors
The purpose of the MSC BOD shall be to provide operational programmatic recommendations to the MSC Director, MSC President and Vice President for Student Affairs. The MSC BOD shall also serve as a forum for dialogue with various campus constituencies.
New Student Conference Committee
A university-wide collaborative team that oversees the operational issues associated with the new student conferences. The NSCC provides input to the offices of New Student & Family Programs and Undergraduate Admissions, which are responsible for coordinating the planning and implementation of new student conference activities.
President's Council on Climate and Diversity
The purpose of the Council on Climate & Diversity (CCD) is to provide counsel to the President and the Provost and Executive Vice President on all ways of attracting and retaining culturally diverse students, faculty, and staff to Texas A&M University and to strengthen, sustain, and promote our diversity efforts in support of Vision 2020 goals. In addition, the CCD assists the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity in planning appropriate assessment and evaluation of all university units regarding diversity-related endeavors.
Rec Sports Advisory Council
The purpose of this committee is to review present recreational programs, facilities, policies and procedures, and to plan for future recreational program and facilities. This Committee will provide a formal system of student input to the Vice President for Student Affairs, as delegated by the President, with respect to planning, design, policies, procedures, fees for non-students, and programs financed by the student recreational sports fee and/or administered by the Department of Recreational Sports. The Committee will also assist in improving our customer responsiveness to our patrons.
Runyon Art Collection Committee
The Bill and Irma Runyon Art Collections Committee representing Texas A&M University as constituted in the Bill and Irma Runyon Trust Agreement, shall be established to define the operational and fiscal responsibilities of the Committee and the University and further to insure that the Memorial Student Center administers the Collections in accordance with the intent of the Grantor (Mr. Runyon).
Scholarship Committee
The University Scholarship Committee (USC) is designated through the Faculty Senate as the executive agency of the University in matters related to student scholarships and awards. The committee functions to encourage, develop, and evaluate TAMU scholarship programs.

The USC may initiate and perform reviews of university rules, SAPs and all other procedures pertaining to student scholarships. The membership structure of the Committee including designated representatives from colleges and key university administrators are determined by the Faculty Senate. The Committee, through its chair, communicates policy and procedural matters associated with the review of scholarship applications. Scholarships & Financial Aid provides general scholarship recommendations, researches and offers support for best practices and seeks approval for changes in policies and procedures for campus scholarship administration through this committee.

The USC also hears appeals of students whose athletic grants in aid are not renewed. In addition, the committee monitors the administration of student Non-Resident Tuition Waivers for Competitive Scholarship recipients.

Senior Safety Oversight Committee
The Senior Safety Oversight Committee (SSOC) serves as an advisory committee to the Executive Vice President and Provost (the President's designee). The SSOC is charged with developing and approving appropriate university safety policy and manuals (e.g., University Safety Manual, Texas A&M Laboratory Safety Manual) for the university and recommending changes to improve the safety environment and/or correct safety concerns. Focused sub-committees will be appointed for specific areas of safety.
Special Situations Team
In an effort to enhance already existing processes, and as a means to align Texas A&M University with emerging national standards relative to dealing with troubled and/or at risk faculty, staff, and students, a Special Situations Team has been assembled. The charge of the Special Situations Team is to assess circumstances, enhance communication, and initiate appropriate responses to specific behavioral problems that may involve threats to the safety and security of the University community. For more information visit
Student Government Advisory Council
To provide a forum for communication and information exchange between the administration of the University and the leaders of student government.
Student Health Services Advisory Committee
The committee shall serve as a liaison group between the student body and the staff and administration of the A.P. Beutel Health Center. It focuses on health needs that contribute to the well-being of the campus community; represents students to ensure quality health care that benefits the college student; reviews and evaluates programs, services and policies of the A.P. Beutel Health Center; provides a mechanism for students' evaluations, suggestions and complaints, excluding any review of medical competence; participates in the selection process for providers and staff for A.P. Beutel Health Center as needed; and, assists administration with policy decisions and offers suggestions and guidance to improve the operation of the A.P. Beutel Health Center.