DSA Committee on Student Learning in the Co-curricular
The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Committee on Student Learning in the Co-Curricular (CSL) promotes the understanding, implementation, assessment, and improvement of transformative learning experiences to prepare students to become integrative and lifelong learners. In support of the DSA strategic plan and other Texas A&M priorities, CSL provides resources for staff who facilitate co-curricular learning experiences for students.
1. Create an environment where integrative and lifelong learning is encouraged
2. Provide training and professional development for staff on concepts of co-curricular student learning
3. Create and share methods for assessing and documenting student learning in the co-curricular
4. Provide guidance and support for the implementation of Division-wide student learning initiatives (i.e., Aggies RISE, HIP proposal solicitation and review, etc.)
5. Contribute to the body of knowledge pertaining to student learning in the co-curricular
DSA Diversity Committee
The DSA Diversity Committee is charged with promoting and enhancing the Division of Student Affairs' commitment to diversity & inclusion and the University's Diversity Plan. The committee reviews relevant data to inform department and Division-level diversity policies, practices, and processes, as well as identifies and shares Division best practices. The committee works to ensure that evidence of Division's diversity efforts are aligned with the University's Diversity Plan and assessed and reported in a comprehensive manner.
DSA Expressive Activity Committee
DSA Marketing & Communications Committee
The DSA Communications Team works to identify best practices in communications (web and print), promote communications collaboration between departments, and offer training and professional development opportunities designed to improve Division communications.
DSA Risk Management Coordination Committee
Provide an opportunity for department Risk Management Coordinators to gain a broader perspective about risk management issues and departmental safety an safety training. Serve as the coordinating committee for safety training for the division. Serve the division as a resource in risk identification and assessment, and provide recommendations for division-wide risk management solutions to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Be prepared to serve as departmental liaisons and/or resources in times of crisis.
DSA Staff Development Team
Our vision is the Division of Student Affairs working as a community of competent professionals committed to lifelong learning and the shared ownership of organizational excellence. Our mission is to enhance the competences of professionals in Student Affairs by facilitating purposeful, innovative, and engaging activities that educate, train, and develop.
DSA Student Affairs State Employee Charitable Campaign Coordination
To coordinate information and resources regarding State Employee Charitable Campaign activities in the Division of Student Affairs.
Chaired by the Vice President for Student Affairs and is composed of each of the directors within the Division and the vice presidents senior staff. It coordinates the development of policies, programs, and services within the Division of Student Affairs.
DSA Wellbeing and Appreciation Committee
The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Staff Wellbeing and Appreciation Committee promotes the recognition of DSA staff and creates a culture of wellbeing by encouraging staff to live a healthier lifestyle and supporting a healthy workplace. The committee is charged with planning and implementing division-wide appreciation events, including the annual Years of Service Celebration. Additionally, the committee is charged with exploring ways to encourage wellbeing through promoting existing university wellness activities and developing division-specific programs and activities aimed at staff. Utilizing the framework outlined in Well Being: The five essential elements, the committee focuses on five components of wellbeing: Purpose, Social Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, and Community Wellbeing (Rath & Harter, 2014).
DSA, Branch, Satellite Coordination Committee
The purpose of this committee is to increase communication and coordination between the Division of Student Affairs on the College Station campus and student affairs professionals located at Texas A&M University branch campuses and off-site locations. Specifically, this committee will assess the impact of legislation and current events on student affairs service offerings and coordinate responses to data and information requests related to student affairs services to ensure the provision of support services and programs offered through student affairs to students at all locations, including branch campuses and off-campus instructional sites.