Committee Directory

Academic Affairs Committee
Has the responsibility to study policies, procedures, and regulations and to recommend actions in curriculum and instruction, academic standards, honors, and other matters affecting academic matters.
Academic Honesty Promotions Committee
To promote academic honesty, the Aggie Honor Code and the Aggie Honor System in collaboration with Aggie Honor System office, Student Affairs and students.
Academic Operations Committee Deans
Sets policies regarding undergraduate student academic affairs and develops appropriate implementation strategies for these policies.
*Designates voting members
Academic Scholarship Selection Committee
This committee reviews the selection process and candidates for the University's major four-year competitive academic scholarships (President's Endowed Scholarships, Lechner Scholarships, McFadden Scholarships, President's Achievement Scholarships, and Century Scholarships) and recommends recipients . It advises the Assistant Vice President and Scholarships & Financial Aid staff on academic scholarship selection criteria, application forms and procedures, and development of new scholarship programs. Meetings are called at the discretion of the Chair. Most activity takes place in the late winter and early spring. The committee generally meets once in the fall semester to review scholarship awarding policy and once in the spring semester to approve scholarship recipients for the next academic year.
Activity Resource & Response Team (ARRT)
The Activity Resource & Response Team (ARRT) may provide assistance before, during, and after expressive activity events involving student organizations and/or those events held within the University Center complex. ARRT assists, observes, and informs free speech participants and bystanders of university policy regarding reasonable time, place, and manner questions associated with expressive activity on campus, if and when needed. ARRT will not engage in or seek to limit any content or viewpoints associated with legally protected speech. Additionally, ARRT will serve as a campus resource and will be available to provide educational presentations and follow-up on first amendment and free speech to student organizations and select university units.
Athletic Council
Advisory to the President on all matters relating to Intercollegiate athletics. Primary responsibility is the academic program within the athletic department.
Audiovisual Surveillance Technology Committee
The Audiovisual Surveillance Technology Committee strives to provide an appropriate balance of surveillance and privacy for the university community. The committee reviews/approves requests for new installations of audiovisual surveillance technology as well as existing installations for compliance with Rules, Standard Administrative Procedures, and Operational Standards. The committee follows transparent processes and controls for the use of such equipment, and any resulting recorded material, as established by Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M1.28 Information Resources - Security Surveillance.
Buck Weirus Spirit Award Committee
To select recipients for the Buck Weirus Spirit Award.
Budget Information Committee
To study the university budget and become familiar with its structure, provisions,and development. To investigate select budget-related questions of particular interest to the Faculty Senate and the university faculty at large. To provide a member to attend budget preparation meetings when indicated. To advise and recommend action on any issue pertaining to the development and content of the university budget to the Executive Committee of the Senate and to the Faculty Senate as a whole.
Career Center Advisory Council
Meets regularly to provide an external perspective to the Center's staff members. In doing so, the Council will assure that the Career Center maintains the closest possible connection with the needs of the constituent groups it serves.