DSA Student Organization Development and Assessment Team (SODAT)

Committee Profile

The purpose of this committee is to provide oversight to the guidance, support, training, and periodic operational assessment of Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO). To this end, the committee will:
•Establish and periodically assess standards and/or expectations for SSO. Recommend and/or design training modules for SSO leaders and advisors (which includes learning outcomes and, training assessment) and specific to each department and/or representative's area of expertise. Information sharing.
•Coordinate annual programming/networking opportunities for SSO leaders and advisors that encourages information and resource sharing with other leaders and/or advisor.
•Serve as a liaison with departments that advise SSOs and encourage the understanding of, and hold SSOs accountable for, adherence to appropriate standards, expectations and university rules.
•Oversee the process through which SSOs are periodically assessed and provide guidance to encourage the alignment of SSO operations with stated learning outcomes, organizational standards, and university expectations and rules.
•Make recommendations as appropriate to the Vice President for Student Affairs relative to university expectations and student rules and division resource allocations for SSOs •Develop key partnerships/relationships with entities that impact or that are impacted by SSOs both within and outside of the division.

Membership Selection Process:
The chair and members for the committee are appointed by the Director of Student Activities as consistent with the SODAT operating procedures.
Member responsibilities shall include: Participate in semester meetings, Communicate with their respective department concerning information pertaining to SSOs, Assist with special projects such as periodic assessments of SSO operations manuals, student organization re-categorization requests, and the review of expectations and rules that impact SSOs
Member qualifications include an interest in and preferably experience with advising a SSO, familiarity with student learning concepts and principles, and the desire and ability to work as a part of a team focused on enhancing the student organization leadership and advisement
environment for SSOs

Meeting Times:
Each team member will be asked to attend one team meeting per semester.


Position Name Contact
Student Health Services Representative
Expires in 2019
Kimberly Duran
Student Health Services
Recreational Sports Representative
Expires in 2019
Jessica Konetski
Recreational Sports

Residence Life Representative
Expires in 2016
Corps of Cadets Representative (Staff)
Expires in 2019
Thomas Felts
Office of the Commandant
Student Activities Representative
Expires in 2016
Student Activities - Sorority and Fraternity Life Representative
Expires in 2014
MSC Representative (Staff)
Expires in 2016
Multicultural Services Representative
Expires in 2019
Cruz Rios
Multicultural Services
Expires in 2018