Committee Profile


  • McConnell, Allysa
  • Gravelle, Christine
To select recipients for the Buck Weirus Spirit Award.
Membership Selection Process:
Membership selection occurs in the fall semester with meetings in the spring semester. The committee is composed of staff and ten students (eight undergraduate and two graduate students) with membership covering a broad spectrum of campus organizational involvement. It is preferable for students to be prior recipients of the award. Faculty and staff members serve alternating three-year terms. Student members may not be candidates for the award. Membership and proceedings are confidential.
Meeting Times:
Two meetings are required of this committee including an overview meeting and selection process meeting. Both meetings occur between January 15-March 15.
Additional Information:
This committee reviews Buck Weirus applications received and works as a committee to select recipients. Committee members must attend the two meetings, and review and rank their assigned application packets.


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