Graduate Operations Committee

Committee Profile

The Graduate Operations Committee (GOC) serves as an advisory body to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Professional Studies. It focuses primarily on operations and procedures regarding administration of graduate education throughout the University. The GOC works very closely with the Graduate Council to coordinate all curriculum and policy issues. It also works closely with the Academic Operations Committee and the Academic Program Council to consider recommendations concerning operations and procedures. Each academic college is represented on the GOC by the associate dean (or other named individual) responsible for graduate studies in that college.
Membership Selection Process:
Membership of the Committee includes the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies as chairperson, the associate dean (or other named individual) responsible for graduate studies from each academic college, a representative from the Faculty Senate, a representative from the Graduate Council, a representative from the Academic Operations Committee, the Associate Director of Admissions, the Registrar (or designee), and other ex-officio members as deemed appropriate by the Provost.
Meeting Times:
Meetings are held the first Monday of each month.


Position Name Contact
Student Life Representative
Expires in 2019
Jamie Wangler
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Texas A&M-Galveston Representative
Expires in 2019
Antonietta Quigg
TAMU Galveston
Bush School of Government and Public Service Representative
Expires in 2018
Blease Graham
Bush School of Government & Public Svc
(979) 458-8028
Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Expires in 2018
David W. Reed
College of Agriculture & Life Sci- Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, College of Architecture
Expires in 2018
Daniel R. Hernandez
Memorial Student Center
Associate Dean, College of Business
Expires in 2018
Michael Kinney
College of Business - Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, College of Education
Expires in 2019
Beverly Irby
College of Education - Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, College of Geosciences
Expires in 2019
Christian Brannstrom
College of Geosciences - Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Expires in 2019
Gerianne Alexander
College of Liberal Arts - Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, College of Science
Expires in 2019
Mark Zoran
Associate Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Expires in 2018
Robert Burghardt
College of Vet Medicine - Admin - Dean
Graduate and Professional Student Council- President
Expires in 2019
Purna Doddapaneni
Graduate & Professional Student Council
Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative (Student)
Expires in 2019
Zane Sheehan
Graduate & Professional Student Council
Chair Karen Butler-Purry
Office of Graduate and Professional Studies
Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Expires in 2019
Harry Hogan
College of Engineering - Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, College of Nursing
Expires in 2018
Debra Matthews
College of Nursing - Admin - Dean
Associate Dean, TAMU College of Dentistry
Expires in 2019
Larry L. Bellinger
College of Dentistry
College of Medicine Representative
Expires in 2018
Van Wilson
College of Medicine
School of Rural and Public Heath Representative
Expires in 2018
Amy Fairchild
School of Rural Public Health
Interdisciplinary Degree Programs Representative
Expires in 2018
Ivan Rusyn
Vet - Integrative Biosciences
Health Science Center Representative
Expires in 2018
Mansoor Kahn
Medicine - Pharmacology & Toxicology
Student Life Representative
Expires in 2018
Stefanie Baker
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
School of Law Representative
Expires in 2019
Charlotte Ku
School of Law