Student Media Board

Committee Profile

The charge of the board is to assure the highest quality of student media for the Texas A&M University community. To obtain this goal, the committee oversees the development and implementation of policies and procedures that guide student editors; training relating to news, advertising, production, distribution, fiscal, and personnel matters; and the long-range planning across all areas of Student Media. The committee also provides a venue for hearing complaints and concerns about the student media and for making suggestions and recommendations to the Editors in chief along with promoting the understanding of student media.
Membership Selection Process:
The board is composed of 11 voting members and three non-voting members. Membership includes four staff members, two faculty members, two students, one graduate student, and three ex officio members. The chair of the committee is the Director of Student Life.
Meeting Times:
Meetings are held at once a month fall and spring semesters, or more often as deemed necessary.


Position Name Contact
Faculty Member Randall Sumpter
Faculty Member Bill Pride
Faculty Member Deborah Dunsford
Agricultural Education
Staff Member
Expires in 2008
Tiffany Inbody
Professional Journalist Michael Landauer
Professional Journalist
Expires in 2019
Douglas Pils
*Select Department
Student Life - Student Media Representative
Expires in 2019
Doug Pils
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Expires in 2019
Anne Reber
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Aggieland Yearbook Representative (Student)
Expires in 2019
Anthony Pangonas
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
The Battalion - Editor
Expires in 2019
Megan Rodriguez
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Graduate Student Representative (special appointment) (Student)
Expires in 2018
Purna Doddapaneni
Graduate Student Council
Undergraduate Student Representative (special appointment) (Student)
Expires in 2019
Student Life Representative
Expires in 2019
Stefanie Baker
Offices of the Dean of Student Life