Committee Profile


  • Wright, Stacy
  • Dobiyanski, Victoria
The purpose of this committee is serve as a component of and interview candidates during the Head Yell Leader Selection Process. This committee is chaired by the Yell Leader Advisor, who is responsible for reporting activities to the Director of Student Activities. At the discretion of the chair, the committee may also serve as a general advisory committee on yell leaders and their activities.
Membership Selection Process:
By appointment. Membership shall consist of staff members and students. There one staff representative from the Athletic Department. There will be one staff representative from the Association of Former Students. Student representatives will be the outgoing Student Body President, outgoing Corps Head Drum Major, and current or outgoing "12th Man" and the outgoing Head Yell Leader.
Meeting Times:
At the discretion of the chair. For selection of the Head Yell Leader, the committee shall meet within one week after the day of campus elections.


Position Name Contact
Association of Former Students Representative Marty Holmes
Association of Former Students
Athletic Department Representative (Vacant)
Chair Victoria Dobiyanski
Vice President for Student Services
Former Student
Expires in 2020
Outgoing Corps Commander (or designee) (Student)
Expires in 2019
Outgoing Head Yell Leader (non-voting) (Student)
Expires in 2020
Outgoing Student Body President (or designee) (Student)
Expires in 2020
Student Activities Representative
Expires in 2020