Committee Profile


  • Wright, Stacy
  • Dobiyanski, Victoria
To oversee the implementation and adherence to University Rule 21.99.09.M1, Access to University Property for Soliciting Donations and for Sales and Rentals
Membership Selection Process:
* Undergraduate and Graduate Student Representatives: 1 year term. Appointment made by student governmental bodies (Student Government Association and Graduate and Professional Student Council)
* Professional Committee Members: Serve indefinite term. Selected based upon the decision of their respective departments/divisions.
Meeting Times:
Meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month and as needed at the discretion of the Chair.


Position Name Contact
Athletic Department Representative Steve Miller
Chair Victoria Dobiyanski
Vice President for Student Services
Contract Administration Representative Dean Endler
Strategic Sourcing
Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative (Student)
Expires in 2021
Jon Hill
Graduate & Professional Student Government
MSC Representative (Staff)
Expires in 2022
Deryle Richmond
Memorial Student Center
Member Kristen Robinson
Environmental Health & Safety
Expires in 2022
Doug Burns
University Center and Special Events
Recreational Sports Representative
Expires in 2022
James Nash
Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports Representative
Expires in 2022
Paula Opal
Recreational Sports
Residence Life Representative
Expires in 2022
Boo Davis
Residence Life
Student Activities Representative
Expires in 2022
Lauren Meyer
Student Activities
Student Life Representative
Expires in 2022
Student Life Representative Anne Reber
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Transportation Services Representative Lynn Wiggs
Transportation Services
Undergraduate Student Representative (Student)
Expires in 2022
Parker Donathen
Student (SGA Appointed)
University Center & Special Events Representative
Expires in 2022
Stephen Senkel
University Center and Special Events
+1 979 845 8904
University Dining (Chartwells) Representative Stephanie Denson
University Dining (Chartwells)
University Police Representative Mike Johnson
University Police Department
University Police Representative Ed Costello
University Police
(979) 845-2345
VP for Finance & Operations Representative (Vacant)