IT Governance Program - Enterprise Applications Committee

Committee Profile


  • Kissee, Joshua
  • Gibson-Mainka, Sharon
The Enterprise Applications Committee (EAC) provides strategic oversight for core administrative information systems across the University. The EAC seeks to align enterprise information technology systems based on the prioritized business needs of the university in order to reduce cost, facilitate innovation, and promote efficient communication. They ensure and review the effectiveness of University-wide applications and institutional data management, while promoting compliance and information technology standards.

The EAC ensures that the diverse stakeholder needs of the University are recognized through the assurance that plans and recommendations are evaluated against the impact on the University's mission, strategic goals, and objectives. This committee increases the role of the existing Enterprise Information Executive Committee, in role and scope, while maintaining student information system oversight as well as other mission critical systems affecting the University as a whole.
An enterprise application or system is robust, scalable, and available to all Texas A&M University stakeholder groups collectively or by group (e.g. faculty, researchers, administrators, staff, undergraduate students, graduate students, etc.). The funding method utilized by the Strategic IT Committee (SITC) is not used to pre-determine which application or system is considered to be enterprise. The EAC, at the SITC's approval, will manage an active list of systems and applications within IT Governance operations that are recognized as "enterprise."
the EAC.

The EAC produces the following outputs, including, but not limited to:

-Identify and prioritize technology-based solutions for University-wide IT service needs (outside of Research, Teaching, and Learning), set priorities, and ensures coordination on the effective use of information technology resources to meet the operational needs of the University.

-Optimize the design, delivery, operation, and sourcing of University-wide IT services, including shared services and commodity services.

-Conduct an annual review of the overall Texas A&M University IT Service Portfolio and provide recommendations to the SITC for adding, changing, and removing services with recommended changes in investment levels.

-Assess University-wide application and institutional data needs and make operational, planning, and technical recommendations for stakeholder groups (i.e., faculty, researchers, students and staff.)

-Evaluate potential University-wide and institutional data systems projects against the impact on the University's mission and strategic goals and objectives, generating recommendations as an output to the SITC.

-Creating a shared understanding between University stakeholders and IT service providers regarding the onetime (project) and ongoing (system lifecycle) resource implications for University resources of new systems investment.

-Evaluate the impact of proposed University and institutional data systems, infrastructure, and applications to existing resources with corollary recommendations for the retirement of existing services from a business impact perspective.

-Develop, implement, maintain and promote University-wide data management policies, standards, guidelines, and operating procedures related to University Institutional Data assets (as approved by the IRPSC).

-Advise on University-wide strategic plans for data management including sourcing, distribution, maintenance, and quality of University Institutional Data assets.

-Advise on University-wide data management practices for decision making including data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, and metadata management.

-Recommend plans and methods for assessing data management value and risk.

-Assist in enhancing Institutional Data with consistent definitions and classifications according to data management standards and guidelines.

Membership Selection Process:
Appointed by the Assistant Vice President of Academic IT Services, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President and CFO, Vice President for IT and CIO, Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services, Vice President for Student Affairs, Faculty Senate, Provost, Student Government Association, Graduate and Professional Student Council, and the Vice President for Research.

Meeting Times:
Bi-monthly on the 4th Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September, and November. The committee will determine modifications to the meeting schedule as needed based on current activities.


Position Name Contact
Academic Affairs Representative
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
Delisa Falks
Scholarships and Financial Aid
Academic Affairs Representative
Expires in 3 years, July 2020
Venesa Heidick
Associate Vice President for Academic IT Services
Expires in Permanent
Juan Garza
IT Academic Services
Associate Vice President for IT and CTO
Expires in Permanent
Cheryl Cato
Division of Information Technology
Director, Enterprise Information Systems
Expires in Permanent
Ramesh Kannappan (Ex Officio Member)
Enterprise Information Systems
Director, Instructional Technology Services Jim Snell (Ex Officio Member)
Instructional Technology Services
Division of Finance and Operations Representative
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
Verna Fritsche
Division of Finance and Operations
Division of Research Representative
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
Dean Poppell
Vice Pres for Research
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
David Sweeney
Division of Student Affairs IT Support
Ex Officio Susan Bloomfield
Health and Kinesiology
Ex Officio Catharina Laporte
Faculty Member
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
Melanie Moser
TAMU Galveston
Faculty Member
Expires in 2020
Jon Jasperson
Mays Business School
Faculty Senate Representative Debjyoti Banerjee
Mechanical Engineering
Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative (Student) Purna Doddapaneni
Graduate & Professional Student Government
Human Resources Representative Laura Dohnalik
Human Resources
(979) 862-3854
IT Professional Representative
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
Rick Young
Dean of Veterinary Medicine
IT Professional Representative Michael Bolton
SGA - Student Senate Representative (Student)
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
Joseph Towers
Division of Information Technology
Texas A&M IT Representative
Expires in 2020
Jon Griffey
Division of Information Technology
Undergraduate Student Representative (Student)
Expires in 2 years, July 2019
William Dell
Division of Student Affairs IT Support