IT Governance Program - Executive IT Council

Committee Profile


  • Kissee, Joshua
  • Gibson-Mainka, Sharon
The University-wide Executive IT Council (EITC, "the Council") approves the University-wide IT vision and overall IT budget structure, sets key IT priorities for the University, endorses IT principles, policies, and standards, resolves University-wide strategic IT issues, and establishes accountability for enacting decisions. The council consists of executive-level positions from across the University, to include the President, Provost, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services, and the Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer (CIO). The EITC is the definitive decision-making body for IT, ensuring IT alignment with the central mission of the University. The decision-making members of the EITC are the President and Provost, where the President has final authority in decision-making.

The Council receives formal, periodic recommendations and input from the CIO and the Strategic IT Committee.

Membership Selection Process:
Appointed automatically through executive role.

Meeting Times:
2nd Wednesday during March and October of each year.


Position Name Contact
Texas A&M University President and Chief Executive Officer
Expires in Permanent
Michael Young
President's Office
Texas A&M University Provost and Executive Vice President, Chief Academic Officer
Expires in Permanent
Carol Fierke
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
VP Finance and CFO
Expires in Permanent Attending
Jerry Strawser
Vice President for Finance and Operations CFO

Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services
Expires in Ex Officio
Joseph Pettibon II
VP Academic Services Adloc
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Expires in Permanent
Melody 'Dee' Childs
Division of Information Technology