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  • Bigley, Karen
The CBE makes recommendations to the president on all aspects of the campus built environment in support of the university's core mission of teaching, scholarship and research, and engagement as well as supports the realization of the university's goals. The Council advises on items including, but not limited to:
Policies and plans supportive of development of a built environment that enables and enhances the university's ability to support its mission as well as make progress toward the goals.

Prioritization, location, and funding of new construction.

Methods of acquisition and financing of additional facilities.

Prioritization of usage of existing space, renovation plans, and use of off-campus facilities.

Support of and information to the Master Planning process.

Prioritization of plans for campus regular and deferred maintenance.

Three standing sub-councils report to the CBE: Design Review, Technical Review, and Maintenance Review, the permanent manifestation of the previous Task Force on Deferred Maintenance. The sub-councils' purpose is to research and provide expertise to the CBE in formulating their recommendations to the President on decisions impacting the built environment of Texas A&M University.
Meeting Times:
The CBE normally meets the second Tuesday of every month, year round (refer to Calendar). Meetings for which a quorum (six voting members) is not available are rescheduled or cancelled.
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