Committee Profile


  • Webb, Eric
The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Committee on Student Learning in the Co-Curricular (CSL) promotes the understanding, implementation, assessment, and improvement of transformative learning experiences to prepare students to become integrative and lifelong learners. In support of the DSA strategic plan and other Texas A&M priorities, CSL provides resources for staff who facilitate co-curricular learning experiences for students.
1. Create an environment where integrative and lifelong learning is encouraged
2. Provide training and professional development for staff on concepts of co-curricular student learning
3. Create and share methods for assessing and documenting student learning in the co-curricular
4. Provide guidance and support for the implementation of Division-wide student learning initiatives (i.e., Aggies RISE, HIP proposal solicitation and review, etc.)
5. Contribute to the body of knowledge pertaining to student learning in the co-curricular
Membership Selection Process:
Members are selected based on their interest and experience with assessing student learning in co-curricular programs and services for students. Members are nominated by directors and appointed by the VPSA or designee.
Meeting Times:
2nd Tuesday of the month, 2:30-4:00 p.m..


Position Name Contact
Expires in 2022
Eric Webb
Student Life Studies
Corps of Cadets Representative (Staff)
Expires in 2022
Meredith Simpson
Office of the Commandant
MSC Representative (Staff)
Expires in 2022
Rick Greig
Memorial Student Center
Multicultural Services Representative
Expires in 2022
Ariana Vargas
Multicultural Services
Recreational Sports Representative
Expires in 2022
Jason Kurten
Recreational Sports
Residence Life Representative
Expires in 2022
Kyle McCracken
Residence Life
Student Activities Representative
Expires in 2022
Bradley Burroughs
Student Activities
Student Life Representative
Expires in 2022
Suzanne Swierc
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Student Life Studies Representative
Expires in 2022
Darby Roberts
Student Life Studies
University Art Galleries Representative
Expires in 2022