Audiovisual Surveillance Technology Committee

Committee Profile

The Audiovisual Surveillance Technology Committee strives to provide an appropriate balance of surveillance and privacy for the university community. The committee reviews/approves requests for new installations of audiovisual surveillance technology as well as existing installations for compliance with Rules, Standard Administrative Procedures, and Operational Standards. The committee follows transparent processes and controls for the use of such equipment, and any resulting recorded material, as established by Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M1.28 Information Resources - Security Surveillance.
Membership Selection Process:
The committee membership will include representatives from the Vice President and Associate Provost for Information Technology, Networking and Information Security, the University Police Department, Human Resources, Student Affairs, the Office of General Council, Faculty Senate, University Staff Council, Telecommunications Department, and Student Government.
Meeting Times:
Twice Monthly.


Position Name Contact
Chair Jeff McCabe
Networking and Information Security
University Police Representative Allan Baron
University Police Department
TAMUS Office of General Counsel Representative Jerry Brown
Office of General Counsel
University Staff Council Representative Les Fiechtner
College of Vet Medicine - Admin - Dean
Staff Member Willis Marti
Texas A&M IT
Faculty Senate Representative Richard N. Hutchinson
College of Engineering - Admin - Dean
Staff Member Jason McConnell
Telecommunications Department
Human Resources Representative Barbara Parker
Student Affairs Representative Kerry Pickens
DSA Information Technology
Staff Member Lori O'Bannon
Networking and Information Security
SGA - Student Advisor (Student)
Expires in 2015
Sam Marinov
Student Government Association