Senior Safety Oversight Committee

Committee Profile

The Senior Safety Oversight Committee (SSOC) serves as an advisory committee to the Executive Vice President and Provost (the President's designee). The SSOC is charged with developing and approving appropriate safety policy and manuals for the campus and recommending changes to improve the safety environment and/or correct safety concerns. Focused sub-committees will be appointed for specific areas of safety.
Membership Selection Process:
Appointed by the Executive Vice President and Provost. Appointment duration is nominally for 3 years, with exceptions for student members.
Meeting Times:
3 meetings per year. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the committee chair.
Additional Information:
Two sub-committees will report to the SSOC. The Laboratory Safety Sub-Committee and the Fieldwork Safety Sub-Committee. Each of these sub-committees will be responsible, as appropriate, for developing policy, guidance and safety manuals specific to teaching and research associated with laboratory and fieldwork safety. In addition, they will make recommendations to the SSOC for other safety issues of concern related to the laboratory and fieldwork environments.


Position Name Contact
VP Finance Representative Kathryn Symank
Texas Engineering Experiment Station Representative N K Anand
College of Engineering - Admin - Dean
Undergraduate Student Representative (Student)
Expires in 2018
Annie Carnegie
Memorial Student Center
University Risk & Compliance Representative Charley Clark
Texas A&M Agrilife Representative Bill Dugas
Tx Agriculture Experiment Station
Faculty Senate Representative Sam Mannan
Chemical Engineering
Division of Finance and Operations Representative James Massey
Student Affairs Representative Tom Reber
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Environmental Health and Safety Representative John Salsman
Environmental Health & Safety Department
Office of the President Representative karan Watson
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
VP for Research Representative Robert Nobles
VP - Research & Assoc Prov - Grad Studies
Undergraduate Student Representative (Student)
Expires in 2016
Zach Rozinsky
Memorial Student Center
Chair Chris Meyer
Vice President for Finance and CFO