Committee Profile


  • Smith, Cynthia
Advise the Vice President on issues concerning the Division of Student Affairs. Specifically, provide the Vice President with constituents' views on the programs, services, and activities of the Division. Focus on special student related issues as determined by current events and/or by suggestions of committee members in consultation with the Vice President.
Membership Selection Process:
Two year terms by nomination. Deans of each College to nominate a member of their faculty every other year. Faculty Senate Speaker, Dean of Faculties, Dean of the Library, and Executive Director of the Association of Former Students to nominate a Faculty Senate officer, Dean of Faculties representative, faculty member of the library, and member of the Association of Former Students, respectively, every other year. Alternating terms so that approximately half of each year's committee to be new members. Faculty Senate Speaker-Elect and immediate past year Faculty Senate Speaker are included as ex officio committee members.
Meeting Times:
Three times each semester; once in summer with cause.


Position Name Contact
Association of Former Students Representative
Expires in 2021
Kelli Hutka
Association of Former Students
Association of Former Students Representative
Expires in 2021
Marty Holmes
Association of Former Students
Bush School of Government and Public Service Representative
Expires in 2021
Will Brown
Bush School of Government and Public Service
Chair Joe E. Ramirez, Jr.
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Representative
Expires in 2022
Danielle Harris
College of Agriculture & Life Sci- Admin - Dean
College of Architecture Representative
Expires in 2021
Leslie Feigenbaum
Construction Science
College of Business Representative
Expires in 2020
Sarah Rice
Mays Business School
College of Education Representative
Expires in 2021
Krista Bailey
Educational Adm & Human Resources Development
College of Engineering Representative
Expires in 2022
Kelly Brumbelow
Civil Engineering
College of Geosciences Representative
Expires in 2022
Robert Korty
Atmospheric Sciences
College of Liberal Arts Representative
Expires in 2021
Joshua Hicks
College of Liberal Arts - Admin - Dean
College of Pharmacy Representative
Expires in 2020
Mansoor Khan
College of Pharmacy
College of Science Representative
Expires in 2022
Lucas Macri
College of Science - Admin - Dean
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Representative
Expires in 2021
*Elizabeth Crouch
Dean of Faculties Representative
Expires in 2021
Blanca Lupiani
Dean of Faculties
Faculty Senate Former Speaker- Ex Officio
Expires in 2020
Faculty Senate Speaker Elect - Ex Officio
Expires in 2020
Faculty Senate Speaker
Expires in 2020
Library Representative
Expires in 2020
Ashlynn Kogut
University Libraries
School of Military Science Representative
Expires in 2022
Sherri LeVan
Office of the Commandant
School of Public Health Representative
Expires in 2021
Timothy Callaghan
School of Public Health