DSA IT Governance Council

Committee Profile

The purpose of the IT Governance Council (Council) is to provide recommendations for the prioritization, acquisition, implementation, and communication of information technology (IT) related projects and investments.

The Council shall have the authority to recommend and change the priority of IT projects and allocation of IT project resources to include methods of cost recovery where appropriate.
The Council shall retain authority in the following areas:
IT Principles - high-level decisions about the strategic role of IT in the business of the division;
Business Application Needs - business requirements for purchased or internally developed IT applications;
IT Investment and Prioritization - how much and where to invest in IT projects as well as changes in prioritization

The Director for Information Technology shall retain authority in the following areas:
IT Architecture - integrated set of technical choices to guide IT in satisfying business needs;
IT Infrastructure Strategies - centrally coordinated, shared IT services that provide the foundation for the enterprise's IT capability

The Council shall consist of six voting members plus the Director for Information Technology, for a total of seven voting members. The Director for Information Technology shall be the chair of the Council.

Membership Selection Process:
The six voting members shall be selected based upon the following criteria:
Leadership - personal actions that exemplify the six core values of the division: caring, diversity, respect, integrity, excellence and service ; past actions that exemplify his/her commitment to cross functional communication, coordination, collaboration, and cooperation
Strategic Planning - departmental practice and vision for how the division develops strategic objectives and action plans
Customer Focus - engages students and stakeholders for long-term success
Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management - knowledge and a track record of commitment to his/her own department selecting, gathering, analyzing, managing, and improving its data, information and knowledge assets
Staff Focus - demonstrated performance within his/her department in the engagement , management , and development of staff to utilize its full potential in alignment with the department and division's overall mission, strategy and action plans
Process Management - knowledge of and demonstrated performance in the design of work systems and the proven ability to design, manage, and improve key processes for implementing those work systems to deliver student and stakeholder value, and achieve organizational success and sustainability
Results - high-level performance in all key areas - student learning outcomes, customer-focused outcomes, budgetary, financial and market outcomes, staff -focused outcomes, process effectiveness outcomes, and leadership outcomes
Role of Technology in TAMU Student Affairs - knowledge of and commitment to the role of technology in the division's functional areas

Voting Member Appointment
Directors shall nominate candidates from their department on an annual basis. Appointments for vacant seats shall be made in July by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs with a voting member's term to begin September first of the same year. Directors, with the exception of the Director for Information Technology, shall be exempt from selection to the Council.
Quorum - A simple majority plus one (5) of Council members shall constitute a quorum.
Voting - A quorum (5) must be present to cast any votes of the Council. A simple majority of total Council members (4) must be in accord for a vote to be executed, regardless of the number of those present.

Meeting Times:
The Council shall meet bi-weekly during the first stage of project prioritization, then as determined by the council thereafter. All meetings shall be open.
Additional Information:
The Council shall be advised by technical personnel recommended by the Director for IT as well as sponsor recommended. These technical advisors are non-voting.


Position Name Contact
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2019
Amanda Dyer
University Art Galleries
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2018
Mike Waldron
Recreational Sports
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2018
Cari Tawney
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Expires in 2099
David Sweeney
DSA Information Technology
DSA Information Technology Representative
Expires in 2099
Carl Ivey
DSA Information Technology
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2019
Stefanie Baker
Offices of the Dean of Student Life
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2020
Rick Greig
Memorial Student Center
Division of Student Affairs Representative
Expires in 2020
Ann Goodman
Student Activities